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The Rothschild Miscellany

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This, very important book (see attached below) called:
The Rothschild Miscellany is, undoubtedly, one of the most magnificent Hebrew illustrated manuscripts in the world.

It was hand-written and later illuminated in the Bellini's family workshop, a most famous Venetian family of painters, which represents the leading Venetian school in the 15th century.

It was ordered - ca 1470 for the family of Dr. Moshe Hakohen. The special hand writing of this manuscript, the colorful illustrations and the magnificent illuminations were very costly.
It is, thus, the most valued – money wise - Hebrew manuscript in the world (many millions of dollars).

Many do not know that the person mentioned in the ' Meal Grace' (written within that manuscript) is actually Dr. Moses, son of Yekutiel Hakohen-Rapaport, who served as the special physician of the Counts and Dodges of  Venice in his time.    

As a holder of this special high position in the Venetian Court, he was exempt from carrying the "badge of Shame" (The yellow patch) that every Jew had to brand his cloths with.

Dr. Moses Rapaport died on November 23rd of 1498 and is buried in the ancient Jewish cemetery of Venice
His father, Rabbi Yekutiel Hakohen-Rapaport, is one of the earliest members of the Rapaport family, with whom we are acquainted from that period.

When, prof. Zvi Rapoport – Israeli Prize Laureate in Chemistry – and myself, wished to see in person this original manuscript found in the Museum of Israel, we needed to use our influence and a strong 'pull' so that this unique manuscript be taken out of the heavily guarded cellars of the Museum.
And yet, in spite of the influence we used, our moves in thumbing and reading the manuscript, were followed with the hawkish eyes  - justifiably so – of one of the Museum's employees. 

This special encyclopedic manuscript is most impressive and grand.
The hand writing, the illustrations and illuminations were carried out in the
Peak of the Renaissance era
Yours, Dr. Chanan Rapaport

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