Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Credo

Remember the days of old, Understand the years,
generation after generation.
Ask your father, and he will inform you;
Your elders and they will tell you. (Deuteronomy 32:7)


Every organization is established on ideas, objectives and targets which serve as guidelines for its activities.

Following are the objectives and targets of the "The Center for Research of the Rapaport Family"

A) To research the family history and the inter-generational continuity, since its"inception"1).
Continue with its spread around the world, its subdividing into many branches which are integrated within the texture of the Jewish People,
throughout generations 2)

B) To study, through this research, the two-way mutual relations 3) between the societies and cultures of Jews and the rest of the world.

C) To recognize and study the family contributions 4) to Jewish and World Cultural Heritage.

D) To contribute, through this study and research:
     1) To the enrichment and profundity of Jewish Identity, of all those
          who engage themselves in this endeavour.
     2) To strengthen the identification with the family and Jewish

E) To advance, through these activities, the field of "Genealogy", as an inter-disciplinary field of study, recognized by the academic world as an independent discipline among the sciences 5).


1) The family emerged out of its anonymity, in the year 1380. It is mentioned first in the city of Regensburg-Rattisbone, on the banks of the Danube river in Bavaria – Southern Germany.

2) See two articles, attached to this Blog: "Family Names in Israel" and "On the Rapaport Family Name"

3) See the rational of our study on: "On the Development of the Jewish Intellectual class –in the last Millennium", to be attached later.

4) See, for instance, the most magnificent and expensive Hebrew manuscript - dated 1470 –which is called: "The Rothschild Miscellany"

5) See the information about: The International Institute for Jewish Genealogy & the Paul Jacobi Center" established within the National Library in Jerusalem. To be found with the following link: